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"Life Changing"
I've tried a lot of different fitness programs in the past, but the 90 day body transformation program with Anabolic Aliens is truly unique. The workouts are challenging but rewarding, and the community support from Mike and the team is unmatched. If you're looking to transform your body and your life, give Anabolic Aliens a try!"
"Verified Alien"
"I wish I joined sooner!"
The 90 day body transformation program with Anabolic Aliens is hands down the best fitness program out there. Mike and his team are knowledgeable, supportive, and push you to be your best self. I feel stronger and more confident than ever before thanks to this program."
"Verified Alien"
"I can't wait to come back!"
"Mike is an incredible coach and the Anabolic Aliens program is truly life-changing. I never thought I could transform my body in just 90 days, but with their guidance and support, I exceeded my own expectations. Thank you, Anabolic Aliens!"
"Verified Alien"

“Meet Your Coach: The Alien Leader Who Will Transform You”💪

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“Hello! I’m Mike Rosa, the powerhouse behind Anabolic Aliens. With a YouTube channel that has captivated over 160 million views and a loyal following of over a million subscribers, I’ve dedicated myself to share my passion, knowledge, and experience to help as many people as possible conquer their fitness goals.”

My ultimate mission is to provide health and wellness content that wipes out any excuses, builds rock-solid self-belief, and ensures your fitness journey is not only successful, but also fun. I'm here to make sure there's no goal too ambitious for you to reach. Your success is my greatest satisfaction!

“For the first time ever, I’m beyond excited to provide a specially crafted coaching program experience designed to support you at every turn. These fitness plans are completely personalized to you, tailor made to your available time and equipment so everything seamlessly fits into your lifestyle. You will receive daily assistance and direct access to me to ensure that your fitness accomplishments are truly remarkable, regardless of your circumstances.”

Join us and ascend to your next level Aliens! Have no limits and believe in yourself!! With numerous world and state powerlifting records to my name, over a decade of fitness experience and my degree in Nutrition, I’m ready to help you get out of this world results!!!
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